Isn’t this just PR with a buzzword attached?

Thought Champion has a selective and narrow focus on the two major activities that we have repeatedly seen help individuals and organizations assert their expertise over a subject matter and further their reputation as a result—ghost-written contributed content in high-value industry media and the delivery of prepared remarks at in-person events. 

We handle this process from ideation through to publication, simultaneously fulfilling the role of in-house staff frequently charged with drafting the content and the public relations agency that handles pitching and placement. After sustained, consistent effort, we believe that the value of thought leadership in building reputation, amassing backlinks, and paving the way for further opportunity becomes self-evident.

Any traditional “PR” activities not directly related to this process—including media monitoring, B2B analyst relations, and conference and award applications—are not within the remit of the services that we offer.  

Keyword-stuffing, “white hat” SEO techniques, and clickbait tactics are not part of our repertoire. Thought Champion is an agency for those seeking to earn a reputation as a thought leader through crafting authoritative, high-value contributions carrying their byline that appear in important mainstream and trade publications.

Can I commission you to write one article?

To maintain the profitability of our business—and keep as much of our focus on serving our clients and as little as possible on sales and marketing—Thought Champion works on a retainer basis only.

Effective thought leadership campaigns are sustained endeavors, with one success building on the other—which is why our minimum retainer contract is set at six months. 

Do you write in American or British English?

We can write in either depending on your requirements.

Frequently, in multinational campaigns, we will write content in both for publications in different geographies. We are often required to comply with publications’ proprietary style-guides (or major third-party ones) and copy submitted is frequently subject to the editorial discretion of the publisher.

Can you commit to achieving my marketing team’s KPIs?

After assessing your industry, your competitors’ track record in thought leadership, and you or your company’s value proposition, we will be in a position to advise upon likely achievable media coverage targets. However, we cannot fix compensation, or payment of our retainer, according to these and contracts must be concluded in accordance with the agreed clauses.